As concern for healthy food increases, it has finally made headway at restaurants. The reporting of calorie content has taken on new importance and eventually this will affect what customers order and where customers eat.  —, 06/06/2011


Holly Klamer, MS, RD
 received her bachelor’s and master’s degree in nutrition and exercise science.  She has international experience working with restaurants and menu analysis, light menu development and social media.  She has a passion for local foo and working with local food companies.  Step Ahead Nutrition was developed out of her passion for food and proving healthy food can be delicious!

Step Ahead Nutrition strives to offer unique, quality, honest service to restaurants  and food companies depending on their size, menu and targeted audience for menu analysis and integration.  Step Ahead Nutrition offers international consulting for restaurants and food companies to broaden their healthy menu items and add valuable information to customers to make informed decisions while choosing foo.

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